About JK


AdStar - Digital Agency owner
I built a team of 15 members that helped multiple Slovenian and international businesses achieve 7-figure revenues with:

• Facebook ads
• UGC Creatives
• Localization
• Conversion rate optimization

AdStar performance agency was the first company and it was bootstrapped when I was 21 years old with 4,000€ in my bank account.


HS Plus - Head of Growth, CMO
I built the whole marketing department with 30+ people from 0 that managed the biggest paid social budget in the region.

The business was bootstrapped and reached mid-eight figures in yearly revenue in 4 years.

The growth was fueleded by leveraging the ultimate power of performance marketing, creativity, and integration of all departments into the business growth strategy.

My journey at HS PLUS started with one product, one market, and a 20 € daily budget and finished with:

• +120 products
• 13 localized markets
• the biggest Facebook ads budget in the region
• 40 Mio € Revenue generated
• own content creation process
• advance KPIs performance tracking


WeScale Brands - CEO
At WeScale DTC performance marketing agency, I was in charge of building an ecosystem and strategy to empower the growth of fast-growing DTC brands.

We built multiple 8-figure brands in Europe with the help of scientific creatives, behavior-driven media buying & advanced acquisition strategies.

WeScale performance numbers:
• +152 Mio € revenue generated across all our clients
• +41 Mio € ad spend across Meta, TikTok & Google
• Scaled a business from 7 Mio to 25 Mio €
• 1.1 Mio € Revenue in 72 hours
• 27,000 products sold in 1 day
• Grew home decor brand from 0 to 1 Mio € in 7 months
• Generated 5.5 Mio € in 11 months for a beauty brand


JK’s ECOM growth consulting - Founder
JK’s ECOM growth consulting by Jure Knehtl is on a mission to empower ECOM business founders and marketers to reach profitable growth by upgrading the in-house team, knowledge, and processes.

By consulting, organizing workshops, and coaching internal people, we cover the main growth pillars of ECOM growth success, such as:
• Business profitable growth and success metrics
• Scaling strategies to grow to the next level
• Setting up a clear vision for the future and steps to get there
• Coaching on leadership and self-mastery
• Structure of the marketing department
• Building a brandformance team
• Processes within the marketing and how to work with other departments
• Choosing the right external partners to be efficient
• Paid, organic, and retention channels improvements and optimization
• Preparing the marketing calendar to schedule launches, sales, new markets, and more
• Adding new channels
• Adding new markets
• Expanding the product portfolio
• Launching new brands


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