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*Who are also my amazing clients
Rok Slapar
Founder & CEO @ HS plus

In 2015, I went to an event where I first met Jure and he explained to me what FB ads are and how big the potential is. One week after the event, we started working together. I started a company with 40€ out of pocket money. 7 years later my company reached 9 figures in sales with FB ads. I could easily say Jure was one of the most important persons behind the result. Also later he was a part of an extremely successful story with extreme growth results and I am sure that this is not luck. He will not stop unless he gets results. Main reasons in my opinion why he got such extraordinary results are:

  • He is always down to earth (no bullshit, no EGO, no showoff, just results)
  • Long-term thinking
  • Integrity
  • Patient
  • Understand that knowledge is the power
  • Respect and do all types of Jobs
  • Enjoy doing hard things
  • When extremely hard things come, he still does it
  • Always hungry for results
  • Understand leverage
  • Understand that time is not money, time is much more than money
  • He does not jump from one project to another
  • He is passionate about what he does (If you offer him an unlimited amount of money and prohibit him from working forward what he is doing now, he would not take the deal)
  • He is not perfect and he does not hide this
  • He does the work
  • He has a feeling to create a team and environment so people want to work and not need to work
  • He is not scared to move fast in the unknown, and when things go wrong, he detects that fast and finds a solution.

I believe he will always be successful, and people around him too, because he always learns, helps and shares without expecting anything in return.

He is a good person.

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Boris Schrenzel
Chief Executive Officer at NUTRISOLUTION.FR x Hormonal Harmony LLC

Jure is a true expert in e-commerce and online advertising. 

He has helped me revamp our entire internal media buying process, to be able to produce more and better ads, to track our ads better, and to have a better ideation process. 

He has also helped me find the right talent to help us boost our Shopify conversion rate. 

This is a consultant who has real hands-on experience and delivers real results.

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Ivana Pongračič
Head of Acquisition @ Vision Healthcare NV Ex Meta (Facebook)

Jure was one of my clients while I worked as a Client Partner for big CEE accounts at Meta. I on-boarder the company Jure worked for from SMB to Big Accounts and in 2 years he led HS Plus to the levels of top 10 EMEA Accounts in Facebook. Under his lead the growth was tremendous.

What distinguished Jure from other clients I worked with was his open mindset to all the recommendations and best practices. He was and still is hungry for knowledge. He was constantly testing and challenging the BAU vs new approaches, thus improving what already worked. Combine this mindset of constant improvement with the high speed of implementation of all best practices and you get the highest possible scaling.

These results would not be possible without a motivated and professional team that shares the same passion, and Jure build one just like that for HS plus.

I wanted and wished Jure to join our CEE Meta team in Dublin but he had other plans and a different vision for himself. Today I am happy he went his own way and did not take my advice.

I still go to Jure for ideas, trends and hacks not just for Facebook solutions but in general for Marketing. I like to exchange ideas, discuss and learn from him now as once he learned from me.

If you are looking for someone to set your business for success Jure is definitely the person to go to.

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Neža Spruk
Chief Executive Officer at Maneks plus d.o.o. & Brand Nega

I wanted to raise my brand to a higher level, so I contacted Jure Knehtl. 

I couldn’t have made a better decision, because since we started working together, Nega has been breaking all the records that we only dared to dream about before. 

In addition to top-notch advertising, I would especially like to highlight the help in all other segments, which are absolutely necessary for building the brand, and the great attitude!

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Rok Hrastnik
Chief Executive Officer at Guericom d.o.o.

Jure is one of the best growth marketers and growth managers I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with in my life. 

Each of our exchanges (usually dinners:) is a new source of growth inspiration. 

He’s the best.

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Rory Hughes
COO @ Fastcast

Jure is an outstanding coach who masters the art of digital marketing – more specifically B2C acquisition and market penetration. 

He is highly efficient, professional and extremely pleasant to work with. 

With the help of his extensive knowledge, he helped our company build a completely new community from scratch with a limited budget and a very short period of time. 

I highly recommend Jure to anyone who is looking to optimize their current marketing results and bring them to a completely new level.

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