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*Who are also my amazing clients
Maja Voje
Founder @ Growth lab

Jure is a go-to person in Slovenia for everything regarding Fb ads, Instagram ads, e-commerce, and conversion rate optimization. 

Jure has made millions in sales for his clients and employers, he has direct access to Facebook and Google employees and always keeps the client’s best interest at heart. 

When I think of performance marketing, I think of Jure. He always delivers.

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Dejan Turnšek
Head of E-commerce

Jure’s knowledge and experience in ecommerce industry are exceptional and admirable. His expertise and abundance of technical knowledge greatly assisted us in our ecommerce project, enabling us to achieve our first significant sales, revamp campaign structures, adopt a different approach, and most importantly, identify our weaknesses and points where we were losing traffic & conversions.

With his assistance, we also reorganized the entire project, prioritized matters and learned quite a few exceptional tricks for faster progress towards growth. We received a mountain of unique knowledge from him and we can’t wait to implement everything in our project. I highly recommend him as a consulting expert to any serious ecommerce venture.

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Ajda Rotar Urankar
Founder @ Minimellows

I had the chance to work with Jure on several projects and he was highly professional, showed innovative ideas and was very responsive to the market switch. 

Would definitely work with him again!

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