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What can you do when E-commerce performance drops?

Last week, I shared with you the detailed walkthrough for 

International market expansion for the ECOM brand 🌍


You learned all about:

🧠 Fundamentals of localization

🧠 How to choose the market

🧠 4 stages of growth in a new market

🧠 Goals, key results, and tactics for each of these stages

🧠 Proven framework how to do it in practice


You can read the blog post HERE if you still need to check it out.

Now, let’s move to the topic of this week.


What can you do when performance drops 💩?


The ugly truth is …

In performance marketing, everything can go to sh*t.


At the beginning of my career I:

– Took things too much to heart.

– Let fluctuation of the results affect me.

– Put a ton of pressure on myself because of it.


When the results are good, you feel confident and on top of the world; when the results are bad, you feel lost.

Sounds familiar?


Now is that period of downs for many brands.

I see ECOM brands struggling with Meta because of changes, big spenders, and competitors.


Temu entering the markets, increasing the spending, funny changes to the algorithm, the economy slowing down, overcrowded competition, and many, many more.

Facts, excuses, or just something we have to deal with? 🤔


I have faced:

🫡 Platform crashes.

🫡 Layoffs.

🫡 Marketing inefficiencies overnight.

🫡 Bans.

🫡 Legal issues & more.


Do you know what I learned from all of the above?


Here it is …

My best piece of advice:


Step back and think about how you are going to respond.


How are you going to tackle the challenge and thrive because of it?


👉 Control what you can control.


This doesn’t mean waiting until it passes but focusing on things you can improve and letting go of the rest.

Find controllable things:

– Offers.

– Messaging.

– Marketing mix.

– Landing pages.

– Cost management.

– Creative breakthroughs. 

– Internal vs. external team.

– Your funneling approaches.

– Angles of creatives and copy.

– The amount invested in ads and where the spending is going. 


Then, improve on these every day.

Whenever I see someone struggling, I like to say: 


Control what you can control and execute relentlessly.


This always worked for me.

Don’t be emotionally attached to the external factors.

Focus on things under your control. 🤘

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Jure (JK) Knehtl

Founder @ JK GROWTH