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Beauty brand adds an extra 2,000 daily orders

How I helped a beauty brand add an extra 2,000 daily orders without introducing extra offers:

First, let me set the scene…

They were doing, on average, between 4-5K orders per day in the last 14 days.

I have been working with them for 2 months.

They didn’t want to introduce any crazy offers in the stores but rather introduce bundles, launch new products coming soon, and open new angles.

I was like:

“Love it, let’s do this!” 🫡

In our next consulting session, we went deep into the data, research, and strategy.

The problem was:

– They were stuck around 5K orders for multiple weeks

– If they increased the budgets on their current setup and angles, the CAC would go insane

– They were saving their best offer for BFCM sale

– They didn’t test new angles, creatives, landing pages and bundles

– They had a couple of new products coming but didn’t have a plan for how to leverage those

Seeing multiple brands doing different Q4 tactics to boost sales, I created a master plan with the brand’s growth team.

A 🦌 named “SCALY” you can see on the pic advice to start promoting GIFTS now and not wait till December.

Here’s what we did:

– Start using the gifting angle in our copy with best-selling creatives

– Iterate the best-performing creatives for gifting

– Expanded our targeting to males and females and broadened the age range

– Organized a themed shooting with best-sellers, bundles, and new products

– Asked creators to shoot the gifting content with their partners, friends, and parents

– Launched exclusive bundles to push higher AOV

– Created a dedicated landing page for a gifting guide that included the new bundles and products

– Launched gift cards

– Ran a lead gen campaign for perfect gift ideas

– Combine email, Influencers, Google, and Meta channel communication across the whole funnel

– Whitelist our creators to build extra social proof


On the third day, 5.5K orders😲, on the sixth day, 7K 🤑, and being highly profitable.


Yesterday, we did 8K orders and scaling 📈



So, we:

– Expanded our messaging to reach new people

– built a landing page with a 20% higher conversion rate

– add +1,500 daily orders in 7 days

– improved AOV by 15%

– constantly hit the daily profitability target

I look forward to all the new tactics we are implementing in the upcoming weeks.

Now, let’s keep it rolling.

Off to the NEXT WIN.

I will document more of the learning in my next blogs, so make sure to follow them as I will not only talk about the high-scaling tactics during the offer periods but much more.

Stay tuned.

P.S. As always – Happy Scaling 🚀