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Apparel brand hit a 500K € monthly revenue

I hope you are crushing your results this month and are executing on growing profitably in 2024.

In my last blog, I spoke about my 👨‍🔬 Creative testing process.

I hope you enjoyed it and got a lot of value from it.

This week, we are talking about results and strategies.


Ready? It’s case study time 🔥


How I helped an apparel brand hit a 500K € monthly revenue

(the sales were flat for over 9 months 🐢 with extremely low profitability 😭):

Before we started working together:

– The best month ever for them was 210K €.
– They were adding new products without success.
– Averaging 120-150K per month in the last 12 months.

🥸 Their growth stagnated. 

And they had no idea how to resolve it.

After my audit, we identified bottlenecks and low-hanging fruits.

The problems were:

🛑 Flat sales for almost a year.
🛑 The “scaled” based on Facebook ROAS.
🛑 They were testing 5-10 creatives per week.
🛑 They didn’t know their numbers (for profitability).
🛑 They haven’t integrated email marketing into their mix.

So I audited their ad accounts & reports. 

I realized that the bottlenecks were:


📊 Reporting and they needed to follow the right numbers, 

✨ Creative side, and 

📩 Email marketing.

When I suggested that, they said: Let’s do it. 🤝

So we went into action mode. 

Here are the main 9 things we did: 

  1. We implemented a profitability tracking tool BeProfit, to track the correct number that matters for the business. 
  1. We created a detailed data-driven creative report on the Meta platform so we can track everything without a complete mess. 
  1. Improved briefing and communication between the media buying and the creative team. 
  1. Introduced a new creative naming system tailored to their needs. 
  1. Tripled the number of creative tests weekly, so we were faster with tests & we could scale faster. 
  1. Changed the media buying structure (based on my experiences & knowledge working with other brands). 
  1. We set up limited sitewide sales and created offers for collections. It brought scarcity and urgency up. 
  1. Recreate the system and how they are launching products. 
  1. Started sending 3 emails per week and upgraded email automation flows.



After our 4th month of collaboration and all the upgrades we did, we hit a 500K € monthly revenue mark with great profitability, above their target.

A success! 
Now, the work is not done. 
Off to the NEXT WIN. 🚀

And that’s a wrap for today’s ECOM growth community blog! 

Any questions? 

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Talk soon and as always …

Happy scaling! 🚀



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