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Black Friday numbers 2024

It’s game time in ECOM💪, and I assume that a lot of you are working hard on maximizing performance, especially during the BFCM push and gifting season.


It has been the same for me and the consulting clients I work with.

For the last couple of weeks, we have been:

– analyzing the previous data

– looking at the inspiration

– optimizing our approach

– upgrading our strategy

– setting up the optimal marketing mix

– taking care of our mental state

– aligning the team

– producing creatives

– creating results

– & more


I am super grateful to have a chance to work with such great teams as they also challenge me to become a better version of myself and upgrade my knowledge.



Before jumping into the December preparations, I want to share with you some of the amazing results brands I am working with were able to achieve.




WIN #1: The skincare brand generated 4200 orders with 280K € revenue on Black Friday, profitably 🏆

WIN #2: Beauty brand generated daily revenue of 25,000 € with blended ROAS +4 and above the target profitability ✅

WIN #3: Supplement brand broke the record with their 6-figure revenue BF sale 🥇

WIN #4: International ECOM business generated +10K daily orders with profitable advertising across retention and acquisition 🤩

WIN #5: One of my consulting clients that sells branded products for the first year generated 200K in 4 days 🚀

WIN #6: A startup that I work with had their first Black Friday sale, and it was their first successful sales push 🌱


… BIG applause please 👏👏👏👏👏👏




Some are on a bigger scale, some are smaller, and some are just getting started.

But I believe it’s a journey, and remember:

Results happen over time, not overnight.

Work hard, stay consistent, and stay patient.


I am proud of the teams I work with and so happy for them.❤️

Here is just a random photo of me taking a morning walk, listening to my favorite podcast after the Black Friday push. RECHARGE TIME 😅


I hope your BFCM was/is amazing and you are ready for the December growth journey. 

I also have a surprise for you! 🎁

Here are some of my practical tips proven to work for me over and over during the gifting season 🎅🏻: 

1) Gifting messaging 

Now is the time to start addressing the gifting marketing angle. 


2) Bundles 

Combine a winning hero product that everyone wants with high-margin products to introduce exclusive bundles for the gifting period. 


3) Gift guides 

Many people struggle with finding the right gift, which is why gift guides for him, her, and their kids are the go-to. 


4) Gift cards 

This untapped opportunity for many businesses to scale acquisition and retention. You can also play with special offers for your customers if they buy gift cards. 


5) Clear communication for shipping 

Clear communication about the shipping is crucial and can be used as a competitive advantage with fast shipping. 


6) Expand your targeting 

With the gifting season, open up your targeting with technical setup and creatives to promote ideas for perfect gifts. 


7) Exclusive limited-time offers 

Using limited time for exclusive offers like available only today, or we only have 500 of this in stock and we 


8) Themed products 

Having a limited edition collection for Christmas has been a winner for businesses that have a high retention rate. 


9) High AOV offer 

Buy x, get Y is a great example because people are willing to spend more during the gifting season. 



here are some extra ideas to boost the performance: 

– gifting paper as an upsell 

– who is it for communication 

– Christmas calendar 

– Christmas content shooting for best-performers 


I have seen each of these significantly change the results, and I am already implementing them this year with the ECOM brands I am working with.

This is it for this week. 

🙏 Thank you for reading, and I hope you are getting value out of the newsletters I am creating.

Stay tuned for more growth lessons on my journey. 💡

If you want to connect with me and discuss something about growth, here are 3 way to reach out:

1) via LinkedIn,

2) submitting this form, or

3) email: [email protected] 📨


Happy scaling! 


Bests, 🚀

Jure (JK) Knehtl

Founder @ JK GROWTH


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