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How to find more winning products

In the last couple of weeks, I have received many questions regarding what defines the winning scalable product.

I love these conversations, as they are a clear sign that:

Everything starts with the product and understanding the customer.


📊 It’s the combination of:

1) Problem-solution product

2) Great creatives

3) High-converting landing page

4) Potential for retention

5) Paid social and Influencer fit

6) High demand and mass market

7) & more, A LOT more!


To help YOU become better at finding winning products, I have created something special.



A spreadsheet that will guide you through the process of how to master the process of adding new scalable products to your store. 

These criteria and the step-by-step process have proven to work over and over againduring a couple of years with multiple brands.

🤔 Ranging from start-ups to 7 and figure brands.


Click on the image below and see the Loom video walkthrough.  

Do you want to use JK’s New Product Testing Template?

You can access it here!

Create your copy if you want to edit it 🙂 

Thank you for watching the video and checking my template; I hope it will help you find more winning products and scale higher.


This is it for this week. Stay tuned because I am preparing something special for the next blog.


🤔 Any questions? 🤔


You can always message me on LinkedIn if any questions appear.

Happy scaling!

Bests, 🚀
Jure (JK) Knehtl

Founder @ JK’s ECOM growth consulting


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