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How to scale higher With Advantage+ (Practical tips only)

Hello ECOM growth folks,

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What’s up? I hope you had an amazing April and May started on the right track.

I recently did a poll on my IG story to hear more about the performance in April.

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Now, let’s move to the topic of this week.



We “all” love Meta, as nothing scales like Meta.

But the platform has changed a lot in the last couple of years.

One of the key editions of upgrades was Advantage+ shopping campaigns.


I am sure that all of you are already using it for scaling and maybe for testing.

If not, this is your reminder to give it a try.


But this newsletter is not about convincing you why you should use it or what it is for.

You can find thousands of articles and YouTube videos about it.


Instead, I would like to share my top 7 actionable tips on improving your Meta performance with Advantage+ campaigns.

They are gathered from my practical learnings by managing multiple accounts, my mastermind group, and what I saw works best from all the audits I have done in 2024.


Here we go:

#1 Test in ABO, scale with Advantage+

My preferred method is to test in a creative test ABO campaign, as there you can distribute enough spending and isolate the factors to understand what works and what has scaling potential.


Once you find a proven winner, make sure to take it and move it into your Advantage+ scaling campaign, as there, you will be able to sky-high 🚀


#2 Use Post IDs

Social proof, social proof, social proof.

The more the ad has it, the more scalable it gets.


Make sure to take the post ID of the successful creative test ad and move it to your scaling campaign so it will gather engagement and share positive feedback that will build trust❤️


#3 Make sure to define audience segments

Advantage+ serves as a full-funnel campaign, targeting new customers and existing ones.

Recently, they also added the engaged audience segment so we can see more clearly where the budget is spent and analyze results.


What to do:

> Define your existing customer’s database on your ad account level. For me, that’s the Purchase of 180 days of Pixel data + the Klaviyo segment of all-time buyers.

> Define your engaged audience on your ad account level, for example, all pixel’s website visitors in the last 180 days

> Analyze the breakdown of the Advantage+ campaign to understand the performance and distribution.

#4 Start on higher budgets

The primary purpose of this type of campaign is to collect data faster and scale higher, so don’t start with your average ABO budget = 2-3x target CPO.


I recommend starting at least with a 10-15x target CPO daily budget. During the high-sales periods, min 20-30x target CPO to reach full potential


#5 Refresh the ads

This is not just a set-it-and-forget-it campaign; it requires refreshing the creatives, so you never have less then 6-8 ads in the campaign.


My best practice is to add new winners at least 2x weekly so it has more assets to play with and find better scalability.


#6 Use 2-3 Advantage+ campaigns

In practice, I see one of those three scenarios:

(1) Not using Advantage+ = you are missing out

(2) Using only 1 Advantage+ for scaling = not leveraging the full potential

(3) Too many Advanatge+ = all over the funnel: creative testing, scaling, and separate one for retargeting


From what I am seeing, the best work on accounts in 2024 is to have 2 to 3 Advantage+ campaigns. 


#7 Management of the ads

As I mentioned in the fifth tip, it’s about more than just the set-up. You need to add new creatives and optimize what’s working and what’s not on the ad level.


Nothing brings better scalability to Advantage+ as a high-converting creative that addresses the mass audience with tons of engagement.


Let’s recap it here with this photo 👀

And that’s a wrap for today’s blog ECOM growth community! 


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Jure (JK) Knehtl

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