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Tips for more revenue

During my 9-year career, I’ve generated over 200,000,000.00 € in online revenue, SO FAR 🤩.

Working on 60+ projects, the 2 biggest mistakes I see ECOM brands make are: 

  • Constantly chasing new customers and not being profitable. 
  • Not being smarter with existing ones.

So this week, I prepared some actionable, proven tactics on how to grow 📈📈📈

Here’s a breakdown of 9 tactics I used to add 300k+ € in revenue.🤑 

#1 Integration of the channels is the key to victory 

Build out a marketing mix that works with each other, not against each other. 

What do I mean by that?

Your execution should be focused on how you can run campaigns across multiple different channels to reach the highest incrementality and scalability to the target results, your ECOM profit & revenue growth.

I have seen the best scalability if brands combine:

Paid social + Retention channels + Paid search + Influencers + Social proof + Community + Ambassadors = 🚀🚀🚀

#2 Add Dark posts to your Meta strategy

Make sure to leverage Influencers and creators for dark posting. You can run ads for prospecting, re-engagement, retargeting, and retention.

#3 Build Landing pages

Use landing pages to convert users with a full-funnel marketing approach.

#4 Introduce new products

Launch new products in the existing category and open up new categories to bring down your CAC.

#5 Make retention easy

Make it easy for people to reorder the products they know and love. It’s cheaper to retain existing customers than to acquire new ones.

#6 Use UGC + EGC

We all know the term user-generated content; it still works, so continue to use it. In addition, adding employee-generated content (EGC) to the mix, especially the founder story, always seems to work well. 

#7 Reviews are a must

If you haven’t done it yet, make sure that you start gathering reviews on your online store and external review platforms, like Trustpilot. 

#8 Open new markets

Expand your winning offers with landing pages and a localized approach to new markets and set up retention strategies right from the start.

#9 Start building a community

Form a community of your existing and potential customers, creators, and ambassadors. It will serve as a brand-building, sales, and awareness channel.


Happy scaling! 🚀