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Who can guarantee results in ECOM marketing?

I hope you enjoyed my last week’s predictions for the year 2024.

The most positive feedback that I received was for a growing profitability mindset.


I am glad to hear this because I believe switching from the growth-at-all-cost mindset is essential.

This will create better and more sustainable businesses.


Now, let’s move to the topics of this week’s blog.


It’s all about who can guarantee you ECOM marketing results in 2024.

The topic was inspired by one of my LinkedIn posts last week.

You can find it HERE.


(Check out the conversations in the comments to find out more)

In short… 😈

There are no such things as: 

– We guarantee X revenue. 

– We guarantee X ROAS. 

– We guarantee X CPA.

It would be great to have a guarantee, and all of us would take a risk-free offer, but the reality is far from this.

No matter if you are:

A) Hiring a new senior-level employee 👩‍💼

B) Looking for a new performance agency ğŸŽ¯

C) Onboarding a new platform to boost your results 📊

D) Or choosing a new advisor/consultant/coach to help you grow faster 🧠


I have been in the game for almost 10 years and have never promised results.


I can promise frameworks, dedicated, proven systems, shared experiences, and much more. BUT NOT RESULTS.


If I heard someone guaranteeing me results, I ran away as fast as possible.


(❓) It’s a live thing that changes almost every moment.

(❓) Auction-based platform.

(❓) You are targeting real people, not machines.

(❓) You are always competing with other companies for attention and purchases.

(❓) No matter the experience, each case is different. 



You don’t want to work with someone who will just guess because, based on their opinion, it all depends…

You will end up blindly testing with any learning, structure, and prioritization.

“We need to test everything 👨‍🔬”

It is simply not enough for someone responsible for growth.

While it might be true that there are a lot of tests to be run, it’s essential to understand:


✔️ what we are testing

✔️ why we think it will work

✔️ how will we run the test

✔️ what are the expected results

✔️ what is the budget needed

✔️ how long will the test be running

✔️ what are the priorities


When you have this set, develop the feedback flow and recurring new ideas sprints that will fuel you further on your growth journey.


Although I probably disappointed you by saying that no one can guarantee results, I prepared 5 actionable tactics you can implement in your business to move closer to better results.


#1 Set up clear KPIs and expectations

What matters for the business?


Is it profit, revenue growth, number of orders, or something else?


Make sure to set up clear key performance indicators (KPIs) for your:

  1. a) business
  2. b) internal team
  3. c) external team


Connected to the KPIs it’s essential to have a firm agreement on the expectations and responsibilities.


#2 Real-time reporting

The goal is to have as much real-time reporting as possible in order to track the progress of the extra marketing activities that you are doing.


Have a clear agreement on the main metrics that you will be looking at and the timeframes you will be analyzing.


#3 Improve the flow of working 💪

My best advice here is NOT to look for who is guilty.

If the business is not growing, it is probably your fault as a business owner.

Take ownership of the success, and don’t rely on someone else to do the BIG work for you when you are in the early stages of your company.

By saying that, I don’t mean that you should do everything by yourself, but you can constantly strive to make the workflow, processes, communication, and main assets of the business greater and greater.

I speak from experience here, don’t just hire and let it go – be involved in big decisions + key areas of the business, co-create and understand them.

Running your business will become much smoother if you decide that you are going to take ownership of improving the workflow.


P.S. This might differ depending on the size and stage of the company, but I wanted to share my idea and approach.

#4 Performance-based pricing 💰

Agree on the performance-based pricing that is connected to your real business metrics like profit, profit per order, revenue growth, blended ROAS, MER, or cost of acquiring a customer.

Avoid platform metrics, like Meta ROAS, because they don’t show the real efficiency of your marketing activities.


#5 Be human ❤️

The last one might surprise you, but it’s true.

People produce results, and teams move the needle.

So be kind, listen, and lead the people around you.

Great people follow great leaders.

So be the leader you always wish to have in your life and take care of your culture.

The more improvements you make by creating a result-focused and we-all-grow culture, the better your growth path will be.


And more profits await 🔮


Grow profitably and bring your team with you.

And that’s a wrap for today’s ECOM growth community blog! 



Nobody can guarantee results in ECOM or marketing. 

Those who 100% guarantee don’t know enough. 🤝


Have an amazing rest of the week & Happy Scaling! 🚀



Jure (JK) Knehtl

Founder @ JK GROWTH