CASE STUDY: Skincare brand hit +200K € daily revenue

Last week, I shared with you:

13 (unlucky) mistakes ECOM brands make when going international  ☠️

You learned all about:

🧠 Localization tips

🧠 Budgeting and KPI projecting

🧠 Preparation when going on a new market

🧠 How to look at the marketing mix

You can read the blog post HERE if you still need to check it out.

Now, let’s move to the topic of this week.

BIG WIN for my client.   


How I help a skincare brand hit above 200K daily revenue mark without losing profitability with the Easter sale push, two weeks ago


First, let me set the scene…

They were doing, on average, between 15-50K per day in the last 60 days.

Their previous daily sales record was 150K €, last Black Friday 2023.


The skincare brand has sold its branded products in 2 European markets for four years.

They had high targets for Q1 2024, but nothing worked as expected.


February and the beginning of March were hard for them as their Meta performance dropped dramatically.

They used the same tactics as in previous years, and this year, they were far from the expected results and targets they set based on revenue, customer number, and profitability.

They overstocked inventory because they were expecting sales, and they unsuccessfully opened up 2 new markets in January. They were really starting to feel the frustrations.

They reached out to me at the beginning of February as they were a loyal reader of my weekly newsletter – we jumped on a call, did a detailed audit, and we started working together mid-February. 

The Easter sale was already in progress planning, so I sense that that would be a great breakout moment we can use to gain more traction.

Although they had a date marked in the calendar, there were some challenges we needed to tackle.


The problems were:

🤔 Day-to-day, they were not operating profitable – we tackled this first to cut the fat, restructure the creative testing flow, segment marketing mix, and introduce new scaling techniques

🤔 They didn’t have a proven, scalable offer for acquisition and retention; typical sitewide discount just didn’t work anymore

🤔 They were lacking high-performing creatives

🤔 Their channels didn’t work together, but as separate islands


Seeing multiple brands doing hard pushes with limited-time offers numerous times, I created a master plan with the CMO.

💡 Here’s what we did: 💡

– Decided on the 72-hour weekend offer as weekends were the best-performing for them, and we wanted to have an urgency to buy ASAP

– Analyzed the purchase behavior with Lifetimely to understand what is best to promote for new vs. returning customers, to understand the difference between benchmark CAC, profitability vs. LTV

– Craft 12 new bundles that were segmented for acquiring new customers (best sellers for NC with complementary products), vs. high AOV returning customers bundles.

– Re-analyzed all the Influencer collaborations in the last 12 months (they had +150 collabs) and, based on the performance, selected 15 of them that will help us promote the offer with bundles.

– Booked 8 Dark posting collabs with their Meta ad’s best-performing content creators and used them across all countries

– Set up ECOM reporting with main success metrics with the tracking tool so we can scale in real-time

– Iterate on best-selling evergreen creatives and add sales-oriented creatives based on what worked in the past performance and inspiration. We started pushing with 20 creatives – 10 videos, 4 GIFs and 6 statics.

– Upgraded scaling setup for Meta platform so we could scale faster with the combo of ASC+ and CBO

– Sent five emails within three days and refreshed the main flows + pop-ups

– Align communication and timeline across all the channels to make that extra push

– Built a dedicated landing page for the special Eastern edition bundles that skyrocketed the conversion rate

– Set up the last call across all channels on Sunday.



One of the greatest tactics that made the big, quick push was to offer a free branded gift to the first 150 customers.

I tested this multiple times in the past, and it produced great results.

We announce it organically, by email, on the website, and with Influencers.


BULLSEYE! 🎯 It worked, we scaled.


We hit 200 purchases in the first 3 hours of the Easter sale, we got a lot of positive signals to the ad platform’s pixels, and it was showtime for paid ads.



On the first day, 170K €, 

on the second day, 140K €, 

on the last day, 210 K € (NEW DAILY RECORD🏆) and 

being highly profitable.


🏆 60% of the revenue came from the returning customers

🏆 AOV was 15% higher than their Q1 benchmarks

🏆 found a proven system how to scale



The CEO called me on Monday, said they were surprised with the scalability and that they are having a big office party because of the newly set daily record. 

It feels so good to help them get to the next level.

They deserve it as they really have top products and high satisfaction scores!

Now, the work is not done. 

We are already working on building the international markets and testing new funnel to increase the efficiency of the new customer acquisition.

𝐎𝐟𝐟 𝐭𝐨 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐍𝐄𝐗𝐓 𝐖𝐈𝐍. 🫡

And that’s a wrap for today’s blog ECOM growth community! 


What’s next:

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Talk soon and as always …

Happy scaling! 🚀


Jure (JK) Knehtl

Founder @ JK GROWTH

From losing money to 30% above the targets

In this week’s edition of my blog, I want to share with you my 

The transformational WIN we did with a beauty brand.

You will learn how…

I helped beauty brands move from being unprofitable for the last 3 months to profitably scaling 30% above their targets.

First, let me set the scene…

In August, I started working with a beauty brand. 

Their sales were falling, and profitability was low. NO, they were actually losing money for the third straight month. 😱😱😱


Now their sales are 30% above the targets. 💸


Their situation before working together looked like this: 


They were pushing aggressive discounts storewide. 


The problem was that they were focusing on high discount-oriented marketing and they didn’t have any evergreen creatives without discounted offers. 


Sales took a downturn. 

And profitability was super low. 

Here’s what we did together on the marketing side: 

  1. 🛠️ Deep customer analysis (research, surveys) and created an inspirational list of brands that did great creatives. 
  1. 🛠️ Defined the products and offers. Then we listed the main marketing angles. 
  1. 🛠️ Limited the communication of discounts on ads to a maximum of 30% of ad spend; the rest was on the REAL marketing angles. 
  1. 🛠️ Built a creative flow between media buyers, strategists, content creators, and post-production to constantly flow new creatives. 
  1. 🛠️ Onboarded new UGC content creators to get more and better content. 
  1. 🛠️ Created dedicated landing pages for their products to increase the conversion rate. 

On top of that, we set up new processes: 

– Reorganized the flow of meetings. 

– Add a tool (Motion) to upgrade creative reporting. 

– New templates & projects in Asana for smooth work. 

– New reporting for new customer vs. retention metrics. 

BONUS 💡 Here are the TOP 10 Metrics to follow in 2024

Now, let’s see the RESULTS 👀

After 4 months of working together: 

The sales are 30% above their target monthly revenue & the profitability improved. 🏆

The good part. 

CMO told me: ”Thank you, Jure. I feel more confident to lead the time, and it finally feels like we have things under control.” 

I am super grateful for that. 💪 

We built powerful assets for their business. 

And the team now understands the power of real marketing, not just going from sale to sale. 

There is a lot more, but more for another time. 

I am super proud of them! And looking forward to making upgrades in other areas as well 🤝 

Any questions? 

Ask me anything by DM me on LinkedIn


P.S. 🎉🎉🎉 I am FINALLY taking on 2 ECOM brands that want to improve their processes & scale to 7+ figures. Write me a simple message with ”growth 2024′ and let’s chat. // Or book a call with me here 

Happy scaling in 2024! 🚀



Jure (JK) Knehtl

Founder @ JK GROWTH