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How to use different creative styles across the funnel?

Last week, I shared with you:

How do you use surveys to grow your brand faster?


You learned all about:

🧠 Ideas for new products

🧠 Gathering feedbacks

🧠 Understanding objections before buying

🧠 Ways to improve your marketing mix


You can read the blog post HERE if you still need to check it out.

Now, let’s move to the topic of this week.


If you are running ads, you know that there are four main stages of the funnel:

#1 TOF

#2 MOF

#3 BOF


To maximize your results, you need to treat every stage differently. 

Simply just communicating your features with your boring photo ad won’t get you great scalable results 💩

Although platforms are moving away from specific targeting, and it’s getting harder and harder to collect retargeting audiences, my network of ECOM experts and I still believe that …

Creative is your targeting 🎯


You need to address every stage of the funnel with a different style in order to maximize your performance.

I have seen it multiple times this year: When we started diversifying the creative styles, the accounts started scaling.

Scaling High 🚀


So, are you ready for the short masterclass about using different styles of creatives? 

If YES 👍, scroll down, take notes, and implement some of them.

My favorite TOF creative styles:

> Problem-solution 

> US vs. THEM

> Educational video

> Customer story video

> Hot right now/Must have (example: trending on TikTok)

> Product demo video

> Founder story video


Extra tips:

– Focus on the problems that your products solve

– Compare the benefits for the customers with the other options on the market

– Showcase the transformation

– Explain the ease and speed of the solution

– Address the main personas in your creatives


My favorite MOF creative styles:

> UGC review from your content creators and Influencers

> Social proof mashup from multiple people

> Testimonial video of real customers

> Influencer’s favorite choice

> Best-sellers this season

> Outlet x New arrivals

> Website and bundles walkthrough 

> Whitelisting

> Unboxing video of multiple products arriving to the satisfied customers


Extra tips:

– Easy explanation of the solution and benefits of your product

– Show real customers talking about the product’s experience

– Mash up together different customers using the products

– Engaging in the unboxing experience of delivering multiple products to trigger the desire

– Showcase a lot of people are using these products and they are satisfied with them

– Follow the AIDA principle


My favorite BOF creative styles:

> Objection-handling based on products

> Store safety and credibility ads

> Scarcity ads

> Special discounts and offers

> VIP Returning customer’s testimonials about why they are obsessed with products and brand


Extra tips:

– Tackle the objections before buying the products

– Explain the safety and proven traction of your store

– Communicate returns and guarantee  

– External safety confirmation (like Trustpilot or Trusted shops)

– Play with scarcity

– Showcase the satisfied returning customers, community, and ambassadors

– Catalogs will work really solid at this stage


My favorite Retention creative styles:

> Founder or team, thank you ad

> Cross-sell ads 

> Buy more & save more offer

> What’s new ad

> Subscription offer

> VIP list invitation

> Review vs. survey invitation

> Reminder to restock (food, supplements, skincare…)


Extra tips:

– Thank them for the purchase and keep them engaged

– Work on selling them more products

– Aim for higher AOV (Bundles, offer)

– Include them in the VIP list about product launches and promotions

– Keep them notified

– Segment your best-customers


In practice, one or more TOF styles will work on MOF, BOF, and retention. 

You know what? That’s even better, you have more scaling opportunities!

And that’s a wrap for today’s blog ECOM growth community! 


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Talk soon and as always …

Happy scaling! 🚀


Jure (JK) Knehtl

Founder @ JK GROWTH