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Meta setup on the new ad account

Hello ECOM growth folks,

JK here, and weeks have been flying by for me lately as I am hands-on on two projects, auditing Meta accounts and doing consulting.


Some businesses need help to maintain profitability, while others are thriving and scaling super high.

🚀 One of the projects I work on just hit the 100K € revenue mark within the first 2,5 months on the market, making a profitable acquisition.

🚀 The second one is a great way to triple revenue from last year and hit eight figures this year.


BTW, if you are interested in a Meta account audit from my side that includes the overview of the setup, testing, scaling, creatives, reporting, and getting 10+ actionable tips on how to improve your results in 60 days or less – Make sure to reach out via this form or LinkedIn 🙂 


Recently, I have received a lot of questions regarding how to structure a new ad account for a new startup, such as how to leverage Meta ads or if you are starting in a new market.

That’s why I decided to write this blog post about:



I always run 4 types of campaigns:

#1 Testing

#2 Retargeting 

#3 Scaling

#4 Audience Testing


I am going to break down each one so you can better understand how and why I use them.

Ready? Let’s start! 🔥


#1 Testing 🕵️‍♀️

This is the first campaign I set up on day 0, and its purpose is to find new scalable ads to promote further.

First, I start with testing different creatives and funnels to find the winning combination.

Learn more about my creative testing framework here.


I prefer to start with the ABO campaign and target broad to find scalable winners to the masses.

I usually start testing ad sets with an ABO’s daily budget of 2-3x your target CPO.


I segment ad sets based on the following:

> Format 

> Angle

> Creator

> Creative style


Later, I will identify the best-performing audience for the top-of-the-funnel audience and leverage it for testing – In 80% of the cases, it stays broad.

I exclude only buyers here: Pixel data 180 days + email list of buyers.


I aim to test 15-20 creatives weekly to find winners quickly.

I use videos first here to get traction faster, understand what works, and build re-engagement audiences. But images and GIFs are also leveraged.


#2 Retargeting 🎯

The second campaign I set up is the retargeting campaign.

“What, JK? Are you still running retargeting campaigns in 2024?”

“Yes, I do because they still work. Let me explain.”


On day 2, I set up a retargeting campaign.

Targeting seven-day stack:

  • Engaged audience on Facebook
  • Engaged audience on Instagram
  • Video viewers +10sec or +75%

*If higher AOV product = more extended periods, more segmented.


For me, what works best here is to have 6-8 ads in the ad set that combines:

> Social proof


> Objection-killers

> Safety

> Best-performing ad(s) from TOF audience

*For more ideas, read this blog


The budget here is 20-30% of the daily budget.

The goal is to catch the doubters still thinking about the purchase and move them lower down the funnel.


#3 Scaling 💸

Now, we come to the exciting part of the media buying, the scaling part.

It’s been 5-10 days since we started testing our ads, and we have likely found some that stand out from a performance perspective.

For me, I normally identify winners when they generate 15-20 purchases within the target performance metrics, normally CPA or ROAS.


Scaling for me is done within the Advantage+ 🤑

WHY? Most scalable and stable when increasing budgets.

*Read my tips on Advantage+


The rule of scaling is to use Post IDs to keep engagement. I collect the 6-10 ads that work best and stack them in the scaling campaign.

This first daily budget setup is 10-15x your target CPO.


#4 Audience Testing 📊

After 14 days, I start testing winning ads on different audiences.

I stack 3-5 winning ads within one ad set and target different audiences between ad sets.


My preferred choice to separate the ad sets is to target:

> Intrest stack on the niche

> Interest stack of shopping interests

> Interest stack of relevant magazines and communities

> Narrow audience

> Lookalike stack of re-engaged audiences, check out events and email list

> Advantage+ audience


I prefer CBO for audience testing; I usually start with a 7-10x target CPO daily budget and set 3-5 ad sets.

Based on the performance, I optimize ads, add new ones, pump up a budget, and create new ad sets.

*For me, the rule is to have at least 3-4 ads running per ad set in this campaign.


📍 That’s my setup for the first 2-4 weeks of running the new ad account.

If you want a further breakdown, let me know 😉 


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And that’s a wrap for today’s ECOM growth community! 


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Talk soon and as always …

Happy scaling! 🚀


Jure (JK) Knehtl

Founder @ JK GROWTH