Hi, I'm Jure Knehtl

an ECOM growth consultant for the fastest growing online businesses in Europe
Generated > 200 Mio. € in ECOM Sales
Managed 60 Mio € Ad Spend
Scaled 2x from 0 to 50 Mio. €/year
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My obsession is growth, learning and being a distributor on the market, here is what I have achieved (so far)
> 200 Mio € revenue
Generated for my clients
60 Mio € ad spend
Managed across Meta, TikTok and Google
2x Founder
2 of the fastest-growing agencies in the region
0 to 100 Mio € revenue
Hyper-scaled a beauty brand in 3 years
0 to 40 Mio € revenue
4 years operating as a CMO
40+ GLOCAL projects
Brand’s international expansions with localization

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What I can do for you

Better Sales Results

It's time to upgrade your strategy, acquisition, creatives, and retention. We will create a mix that will attract loyal customers and build a brand everyone loves.
Customized growth strategy
Creative strategy and flow
Media buying tactics for scaling

Upgraded Team

From structuring, hiring and leading the marketing team to building efficient work processes so your flow will be smooth. You will be able to grow faster and feel more in control.
Proven team structure
Improving processes
Hiring and onboarding guidance

International Scalability

If you are selling great products, there is no really good reason not to expand to more markets and reach better business numbers. We will build an infrastructure to enter and conquer new markets based on my proven frameworks.
Go-to-market strategy
Localization tactics
Most companies struggle with one or more of these problems.
Let’s change the narrative:
Without JK
With JK
Clear road to scaling
Marketing mix
Poor results with no strategy
Proven Framework for scaling
Inefficient processes & no plan who to hire
Growth-oriented structure
Missing high-performing creatives
System to produce, test, iterate and scale
Market expansion
Lack of experience
40+ expansions done
Slow execution
Getting results faster

How I work:

Audit your marketing
At the beginning of our collaboration, I audit your marketing activities, creatives, channel mix, and success metrics to discover the bottlenecks and low-hanging fruits in your marketing
Customized 60-day roadmap to growth
Based on the audit, we create a tailored plan for your brand to maximize the growth in the next 60 days. We prioritize the areas of marketing that we will work on and I share with you the frameworks I use with my clients.
Strategy calls
We work together on strategy calls to improve the selected business areas on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. I share my best practices, help you solve your day-to-day problems and strategically work with you on the best next steps.
Scaling plan
When we finish the 60-day roadmap and improve the selected areas, it’s time
to create a long-term strategy for growth and continue to work on the
high-priority areas of your business scalability.

What my clients are saying

Leon van der Laan
Founder and CEO @ REMODE

I’ve known Jure for 2 years now and Jure has been my client for well over a year already, I see him as a very driven person with a powerful personal value: <Constant learning>. This makes him open-minded to listen, understand and apply not only my recommendations as a consultant, it is also an important reason why his customers love working with his Company.

The personal growth of Jure and his company WeScale that I’ve seen over the past year is truly remarkable, and I’ve seen how Jure leads his company emphatically and confidently through change. Jure is also Visionary, Strategic, and a great communicator.

I can with confidence say, that Jure is one of the most inspiring people I’ve worked with over the past few years. I’m happy that I got to know him, and I hope our relationship will last well into the future.

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Primoz Gams
CEO and co-founder at Dogs4motion

Jure is an incredible mentor through the Slovenian Business Club’s mentorship program. Our first meeting was eye-opening. We had a deep conversation about my fears and the challenges I face in my entrepreneurial journey. What stood out was how Jure openly shared his own fears and struggles, making me feel less alone.

Jure’s advice made a real impact on my business within a few weeks. He didn’t just stop there – he continued to support me with emails and thought-provoking questions. Jure is like a walking encyclopedia of knowledge, full of positive energy, and incredibly motivating. I’m lucky to have him as my mentor, and I’m grateful for his guidance on my entrepreneurial path.

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Tjaša Bračko
CMO & Co-Founder @ eggoglow

Working with Jure was a true partnership that I will always highly appreciate. With their WeScale team, they’ve pushed boundaries, enabling us to break records we once thought unattainable. Jure was more than just a partner we’ve worked with but also a real mentor and a friend navigating us through all the challenges we faced along the way.

With his rich experience and relentlessness in the pursuit of better results, he constantly delivers, surpassing everyone’s expectations. He understood us a client and always had solid advice on how to overcome our struggles or how to scale our business further. He has a genuine intention to get into your business case and make it a success and he is constantly thinking about the next moves we ought to make. There is no doubt that he is leaving a strong footprint in his field and I am looking forward to seeing his following successes.

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Jure Laharnar
Founder @ Underdog

Jure is a one of a kind beast when it comes to growth marketing. His attitude towards his work and career is like Kobe’s was towards basketball – constantly striving to get better. It is an honour to work with him and build together as his business skills are complemented by a very good heart.

I have had the privilege to observe Jure through all of his entrepreneurial rollercoaster. He was always giving his all and not being afraid to take more responsibility no matter what the mission was. It is a no brainer for me when they ask me who is the best marketer I personally know is.

If you are looking for a growth boost, marketing strategy or even some leadership advice in your company Jure is the guy.

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Anže Miklavec
Founder and CEO @ GOAT STORY & EQUA

We started working with Jure in 2016. With help from his team, we were able to advertise effectively all around the globe and they gave provided our internal marketing team with very valuable guidelines on how to scale our brands EQUA & GOAT STORY.

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Andrea Majerova
CO-worker @ HS plus

During the time I have worked with Jure I have learned a lot not only professionally, but also personally. 

His drive and passion for what he does is incredible and he easily passes his enthusiasm on all people around him. 

There are never problems crossing his way, only challenges that bring him opportunities to learn and become better. 

His reactions to challenges are always fast and creative. 

For me personally what describes him the most is the quote “Shoot for the Moon, because even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars”.

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